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Turkey and Israel Economic Relations: The Buck Does not Stop Here

By: Gabrielle Chishinsky Despite the acrimonious relationship portrayed in the media, Turkey and Israel are indispensable partners in the Middle East region. Both Erdogan and Netanyahu have degraded one another’s character by throwing insults at each another; Erdogan has compared Netanyahu to “Hitler” and declared that Netanyahu is a “terrorist”. Meanwhile, Netanyahu tweeted on May … Continue reading

Turkey’s Economy: Victorious to Volatile

By Marta Carina Franco 10 years ago, Turkey was the poster child of emerging market economies, ripe for foreign investment and potential for growth. The implementation Kemal Derviş’s economic policy following the 2001 economic crisis allowed Turkey to surpass expectations. By 2005 Turkey was even taking strides towards EU membership. Offering an energetic, young labor … Continue reading

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