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The Future of the Russo-Turkish Relationship: Reflections from the Atlantic Council, April 26, 2016

By: James Bieszka On April 26, 2016, the Atlantic Council hosted “The Future of the Russo-Turkish Relationship.” The event was moderated by Karoun Demirjian of the Washington Post and featured opening remarks from Senator Gerry Connelly (D-VA).  Former Ambassadors, James Jeffrey and John Herbst, and Dr. Soner Cağaptay of the Washington Institute joined Mr. Connelly … Continue reading

The Populism/Realism Gap: Managing Uncertainty in Turkey’s Politics and Foreign Policy

By: James Bieszka Whether or not one agrees with the notion that Turkey has become a more populist nation in recent years, the sustained rule of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) – along with constitutional/governmental amendments and rapidly evolving regional confrontations – requires Turkey scholars and observers alike to examine the many impacts of … Continue reading

The Arab Spring Five Years Later: Toward Greater Inclusiveness at the Brookings Institution

What can Turkey learn from the Arab Spring? By: James Bieszka Edited by Dr. Hafez Ghanem, “The Arab Spring five years later: Towards greater inclusiveness” was presented at the Brookings Institution on January 15, 2016 and provides insight into the critical pre-Arab Spring Middle East’s social and societal conditions which undoubtedly fostered the widespread uprisings … Continue reading

What does tighter US monetary policy mean for Turkey?

In her confirmation hearing before the Senate Banking Committee on Thursday, nominee for chairwoman of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen indicated that the current Fed policy of near-zero interest rates and large-scale asset purchases could not go on indefinitely. She gave no indication of a specific timeframe, but stated that the Fed will continue to … Continue reading

New Insight on the Kurdish Question

By Victoria Jones One can view attending an event, a class, reading a book, or watching a film as something of a gamble. Will the time invested yield intellectual reward, something to think about afterwards? I attended an event entitled ‘Turkey’s Kurdish Question: A New Hope?’ at the Brookings Institution. The speakers provided extensive expertise, … Continue reading

Kader Sevinç Visits the University of Maryland

By Victoria Jones On March 8, 2013 Kader Sevinç  spoke at an event sponsored by the University of Maryland’s Turkish Student Association. Kader Sevinç is the CHP’s representative to the EU. She is also a presidency council member of the Party of European Socialists, an umbrella party for European social democrats. She provided an overview … Continue reading

Turkey’s Role, Influence, and Challenges

By Damla Karagoz Omer Taspinar and Bulent Aliriza spoke at a panel titled “Turkey in the Middle East: Role, Influence, and Challenges” on November 5, 2012 at the Elliott School of International Affairs. Ever since the Justice and Development Party (AKP) came to power with a landslide victory in 2002, it has succeeded in continually … Continue reading

U.S. Public Opinion Toward the Middle East

By Damla Karagoz, Fall 2012 On Monday October 8, 2012, The Brookings Institution held a panel titled “U.S. Public Opinion Toward Arabs and Islam: How “The Video Incident” May Affect U.S.-Muslim Relations.” The panelists discussed the outcomes of a recent poll surveying “Americans about the Middle East.” The poll showed that Americans are well informed … Continue reading

Education in Russia

By Damla Karagoz, Fall 2012 On Friday , September 14, 2012, the Elliot School of International Affairs held its fifth annual PONARS Eurasia Conference. The daylong conference dealt with an array of topics but the first panel focused on the current protests and public opinion in Russia. Anti-regime protesters have been screaming “Russia Without Putin” … Continue reading

John McCain: “Turkey and the United States can accomplish far more together than apart.”

By Cem Yolbulan, Summer 2012 Intern On June 27, 2012, the Middle East Institute held its Third Annual Conference on Turkey.  Taking place in downtown DC at the National Press Club Building, the daylong conference covered a broad range of domestic, regional and global challenges to Turkey.  Among the many distinguished speakers and panelists, Senator … Continue reading

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